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I cannot login to watch the video.
You must wait to be advised of your login and password which will be emailed to you. Please make sure you type your email address correctly. Your member number or email will not work. Each notification is unique.
I cannot see the video.
You must download the latest Flash Player to view the video. The page will look to see if you have it. If not, it will display a popup message that the viewer is needed. If you have a popup blocker installed on your computer, you may not see the message. You can download the latest player from the link below on this page.
I still cannot view the video.
If you are sure you have the viewer installed on your computer, it is possible that you are on a dial up connection. Some people have an internal wireless connection within their home, but the actual connection out of the house to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a dial up connection.
My video keeps stopping.
Make sure you have emptied your cache. Navigate to the video page and right click on the Flash player. You will see some options. Select SETTINGS. Then find the yellow folder icon on the bottom and move the slider bar over to unlimited. This should help the frequent delays.
I have a cable or DSL connection and I cannot see the video.
Some older computers and browsers do not have the necessary components. Try installing the following plugin. To install Flash Player ActiveX, which cannot be installed in browsers other than Internet Explorer. Launch Internet Explorer and open this URL
I have a wireless connection and cannot view the video.
Try moving to a different location in your home to see if you have better signal strength. Some very weak wireless connection users have let the video run all the way through to load into the buffer, before they are able to watch it.
I am on AOL and the video will not play for me.
If AOL is your connection to the internet, you are probably on a dial up and dial up connections cannot display the video properly. If you are on cable or wireless, close AOL and open Internet Explorer to view the video.
I get halfway through the movie and it stops playing.
When you start the video, it begins downloading in the background to your temporary cache. If your temporary cache is full, there is no place for the rest of the video to go. We have tested on older computers with 512 MB's of memory [with an empty cache] and it plays all the way through with no problems. Empty your cache again before going on to parts 2 and 3.
How do I empty my computer's cache?
Right click on the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop. On the 'General' tab, select "Delete Temporary Files" You can leave all others as they are. If you haven't done this in a while, it may take a little time.
--If you are using Firefox, it has its own cache. Find it under 'Tools' - 'Clear Private Data'
What else can I try?
You can right click on the Flash viewer itself and on 'settings' allocate more storage on your local computer. You can also try a lower quality setting until the video has loaded then play it again at a higher quality.
How do I know which version of Flash Player is installed on my computer?
Right click on the Flash player and select "about Flash Player." It will take you to the Adobe site and tell you which version you have installed. Update to the latest version if you are having difficulties.
I am on a Mac and cannot watch the video.
AOL on a Mac does not display the video correctly. Use Safari and you should have no problems.
I cannot access the PDF file
You must have the free Adobe Reader installed. You may download it here.
My problem is not covered here - what can I do?
Please communicate with us and we'll try to help you. Let us know your connnection (wireless, cable, etc.); the browser you are using; your version of windows; any error messages you may receive and detail the viewing experience. The more information we have, the better we are able to analyze your situation.

Download the Flash Player- will open in a new window.



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