Genesis Heat Set Oils - 1 oz

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  • There's no setup: paint on the palette and mixing tray will never dry.
  • There's no rush: paint stays wet and workable for as long as you want.
  • There's no waiting: Genesis® will dry in minutes, only when you are ready.

Please select your color choices and the quantity of each that you wish to order. Then click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page.

Paints are individually priced and will show clearly in your cart. Unless otherwise noted, each jar contains 1 ounce of paint.


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Great place to get GHSP

- 04th September 2022

I was struggling to find Genesis heat set paints because so many people are out of them and then found this place! I saw the matte varnish was going to be restocked so I ordered it. Unfortunately it is still on back order and I figured I would just leave ...


- 23rd April 2022

These paints are so amazing! I started out thinking I would get just a few colors and would mix them myself to get what I wanted but now I have this huge selection. It’s great that they need heat to set up. I never waste any that is left on the palette ...

Sap green

- 27th November 2020

Love it!

great paints

- 26th March 2015

I hadn't painted for several years. Went back to painting and used palattes I set up 10 years ago! Just manipulated the Gensis and it came back to creamy consistancy, like I just took it out of a new jar!!!!!! Love it!!

Wonderful paints!

- 08th March 2015

I have been using these paints for a long time and just love these! Such a creamy consistency and easy to blend and work with. It is so nice to decide when to dry them when you are ready not wait a week for a project to dry before glazing or adding highli...

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