Genesis Heat Set Oils - 1 oz

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  • There's no set up: paint on the palette and mixing tray will never dry.
  • There's no rush: paint stays wet and workable for as long as you want.
  • There's no waiting: GenesisĀ® will dry in minutes, only when you are ready.

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TCS: YE-5-1-5,..Bismuth Yellow 07,..Genesis,..86004D,..

TCS: BK-5-1-9,..Black (Carbon) 01,..Genesis,..86079D,..

TCS: BK-4-1-9,.. Black (Mars),...Genesis,..86126V,...

TCS: BR-6-2-6,..Burnt Sienna,..Genesis,..86071N,..

TCS: BR-7-6-9,..Burnt Umber,..Genesis,..86068K,..

TCS: BR-5-1-5,..Burnt Umber Light,..Genesis,..86069L,..

TCS: BL-5-1-6,..Cobalt Blue,..Genesis,..86198L,..

TCS: YO-6-1-5,..Diarylide Yellow,..Genesis,..86006F

TCS: VI-5-1-9,..Dioxazine Purple 01,..Genesis,..86037V,..

TCS: VI-5-1-8,..Dioxazine Purple 02,..Genesis,..86036T

TCS: VI-5-1-7,..Dioxazine Purple 03,..Genesis,..86035S

TCS: VI-5-1-6,..Dioxazine Purple 04,..Genesis,..86034R

TCS: VI-5-1-5,..Dioxazine Purple 05,..Genesis,..86033P

TCS: VI-5-1-4,..Dioxazine Purple 06,..Genesis,..86032N

TCS: VI-5-1-3,..Dioxazine Purple 07,..Genesis,..86031M

TCS: VI-5-1-2,..Dioxazine Purple 08,..Genesis,..86030L

TCS: WH-5-1-2,..Flake White,..Genesis,..86199R

TCS: BR-7-5-8,..Flesh 02,..Genesis,..86067J

TCS: BR-7-6-8,..Flesh 03,..Genesis,..86066H

TCS: BR-7-6-7,..Flesh 04,..Genesis,..86065G

TCS: BR-7-6-6,..Flesh 05,..Genesis,..86064F

TCS: BR-7-6-5,..Flesh 06,..Genesis,..86063E

TCS: BR-7-6-4,..Flesh 07,..Genesis,..86062D

TCS: BR-7-6-3,..Flesh 08,..Genesis,..86061C

TCS: OR-5-1-5,..Genesis Orange,...Genesis,..86195K

TCS: RE-5-1-4,..Genesis Red,..Genesis,..86055T

TCS: YE-5-1-6,..Genesis Yellow...Genesis,..86127W

TCS: BK-6-2-9,..Gray 02,..Genesis,..86078X

TCS: BK-6-2-8,..Gray 03,..Genesis,..86077W

TCS: BK-6-2-7,..Gray 04,..Genesis,..86076V

TCS: BK-6-2-6,..Gray 05,..Genesis,..86075T

TCS: BK-6-2-5,..Gray 06,..Genesis,..86074S

TCS: BK-6-2-3,..Gray 07,..Genesis,..86073R

TCS: BK-6-2-2,..Gray 08,..Genesis,..86072P

TCS: BL-5-2-9,..Paynes Gray,..Genesis,..86197N,.

TCS: GR-3-3-5,..Permanent Green 04,..Genesis

TCS: GR-3-2-4,..Permanent Green 05,..Genesis

TCS: GR-8-2-4,..Permanent Green 06,..Genesis

TCS: BL-6-1-9,..Phthalo Blue 01,..Genesis

TCS: BL-6-1-8,..Phthalo Blue 02,..Genesis

TCS: BL-6-1-7,..Phthalo Blue 03,..Genesis,..86026G

TCS: BL-6-1-6,..Phthalo Blue 04,..Genesis,..86025F

TCS: BL-6-1-5,..Phthalo Blue 05,..Genesis,..86024E

TCS: BL-6-1-4,..Phthalo Blue 06,..Genesis,..86023D

TCS: BL-6-2-4,..Phthalo Blue 07,..Genesis,..86022C

TCS: BL-6-1-3,..Phthalo Blue 08,..Genesis,..86021B

TCS: BG-8-2-9,..Phthalo Green 01,..Genesis,..86020A

TCS: BG-8-2-8,..Phthalo Green 02,..Genesis,..86019X

TCS: BG-8-2-7,..Phthalo Green 03,..Genesis,..86018W

TCS: BG-8-2-6,..Phthalo Green 04,..Genesis,..86017V

TCS: BG-8-2-5,..Phthalo Green 05,..Genesis,..86016T

TCS: BG-8-2-4,..Phthalo Green 06,..Genesis,..86015S

TCS: BG-8-2-3,..Phthalo Green 07,..Genesis,..86014R

TCS: BG-8-2-2,..Phthalo Green 08,..Genesis,..86013P

TCS: RO-5-1-7,..Pyrrole Orange 04,..Genesis,..86060B

TCS: RO-3-1-6,..Pyrrole Orange 05,..Genesis,..86059A

TCS: RO-3-1-5,..Pyrrole Orange 06,..Genesis,..86058X

TCS: RO-3-1-4,..Pyrrole Orange Yellow 07,..Genesis,..86057W

TCS: RO-3-1-3,..Pyrrole Orange Yellow 08,..Genesis,..86056V,..

TCS: RE-6-4-9,..Pyrrole Red 02,..Genesis,..86044F

TCS: RE-4-1-6,..Pyrrole Red 03,..Genesis,..86043E

TCS: RE-4-1-5,..Pyrrole Red 04,..Genesis,..86042D

TCS: RE-3-2-5,..Pyrrole Red 05,..Genesis,..86041C

TCS: RO-8-3-4,..Pyrrole Red 06,..Genesis,..86040B

TCS: RE-3-2-4,..Pyrrole Red 07,..Genesis,..86039X

TCS: RE-4-3-3,..Pyrrole Red 08,..Genesis,..86038W

TCS: RE-7-2-9,..Quinacridone Crimson 01,..Genesis,..86045G

TCS: RV-2-3-9,..Quinacridone Magenta 01,..Genesis,..86053R

TCS: RV-2-3-8,..Quinacridone Magenta 02,.Genesis,..86052P

TCS: RV-2-3-7,..Quinacridone Magenta 03,.Genesis,..86051N

TCS: RV-2-3-6,..Quinacridone Magenta 04,.Genesis,.86050M

TCS: RV-2-3-5,..Quinacridone Magenta 05,..Genesis,..86049L

TCS: RV-2-3-4,..Quinacridone Magenta 06,..Genesis,..86048K

TCS: RV-2-3-3,..Quinacridone Magenta 07,..Genesis,..86047J

TCS: RV-2-3-2,..Quinacridone Magenta 08,..Genesis,.86046H

TCS: BR-1-2-5,..Raw Sienna,...Genesis,...86128A

TCS: BR-8-6-8,..Raw Umber,..Genesis,..86070M

TCS: RE-4-6-5,..Red Oxide,..Genesis,..86054S,..

TCS: YG-4-3-7,..Sap Green,..Genesis,..86196M,..

TCS: BL-5-1-5,..Ultramarine Blue,..Genesis,..86029K,..

TCS: GR-3-3-6,..Viridian 03,..Genesis,..86010K,.

TCS: BG-4-2-8,..Viridian Blue 01,..Genesis,..86012N,

TCS: BG-9-1-9,..Viridian Blue 02,..Genesis,..86011M,

TCS: WH-5-1-1,..White (Titanium),..Genesis,..86001A,

TCS: BR-1-2-4,..Yellow Ochre,..Genesis,..86005E,.

TCS: YE-4-1-2,..Yellow White 08,..Genesis,..86003C,

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Sap green

- 27th November 2020

Love it!

great paints

- 26th March 2015

I hadn't painted for several years. Went back to painting and used palattes I set up 10 years ago! Just manipulated the Gensis and it came back to creamy consistancy, like I just took it out of a new jar!!!!!! Love it!!

Wonderful paints!

- 08th March 2015

I have been using these paints for a long time and just love these! Such a creamy consistency and easy to blend and work with. It is so nice to decide when to dry them when you are ready not wait a week for a project to dry before glazing or adding highli...

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