DVD: After Bouguereau's
The Soup

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Learn the theory and techniques of this master while using modern materials. DVD includes step-by-step written instructions so you can paint along!

- Learn the history behind one the world's most beloved painters
- Learn how to apply a sepia underpainting and why
- Learn to glaze local color
- Learn to create impasto flesh tones
- Learn to create the appearance of fabric
- Learn how to paint facial features step-by-step

Run time approx 4 hours - see details page for complete supply list

Oils or Genesis

The portrait grade canvas size is 18x24

The paint necessary is:

TW:  Titanium White
Y:   Genesis Yellow
R:   Genesis Red
O:  Orange (or mix R + Y)
QC: Quinacridone Crimson
UB: Ultramarine Blue
RS: Raw Sienna
BU: Burnt Umber
BS:  Burnt Sienna
Blk: Mars or Carbon Black
PB: Pthalo Blue 01

Mona Lisa Paint Thinner

For brushes I would just suggest a wide range of flats or filberts. A set of either that we sell is sufficient. Some brushes that you would not mind using for scrubbing in the sepia tones are needed also.

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