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Tips and Techniques from the Masters DVD

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From our 84 minute video, you will learn how to:

  • properly prepare a surface
  • trace, prove and transfer a design
  • use a graph ruler, compass and ellipse template
  • determine the effects of light
  • blend and correct
  • glaze
  • use a transparancy
  • create shines and shadows
  • wet sand, varnish and wax
  • judge if a work is finished

I wanted to give you some feedback on the Tips and Techniques DVD. This is the MOST excellent learning tool I have seen to date! I learned so much from watching that DVD only once and as I watch it again, which I know I will do, I learn even more!

I see a lot of things I am doing incorrectly and I see how I am making things much harder on myself than they need to be. I am so thankful for this DVD. It's wonderful!

I have been painting with acrylics for about 6-7 years but never had any really great success. I am a very, very slow painter and acrylics dry way too fast for me. I was frustrated more than I was not, but I didn't want to give up learning to paint..

When I heard about Genesis, I decided to give them a try and it was literally love at first brush stroke! I swear these paints are made just for slow, little ole' me! Even though I have enjoyed greater success with Genesis than I ever did with acrylics, there are still many things I don't understand and I still get frustrated to a degree..

While viewing the Tips and Techniques DVD, I kept saying to myself "Oh, now that makes perfect sense! I have to try that."-or- "Wish I had known that a long time ago!"..
Jan from AZ
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