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I have attended several conventions and have taken many courses from you and Ann.  I found the online course helpful. Unlike normal class room settings, I enjoyed the fact that I could pause you until I was ready to move on.  (That wouldn't go over so well at conventions!)  I look forward to purchasing other online courses. Carol, VA

New Online Learning Workshop:
Four Colored Bottle Study

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1 hour and 45 minute video lesson, a pdf file that includes a full lesson (line drawing, instructions, 2 photos and color swatches) With this lesson, you will learn:

- Trace and "prove" a design for symmetry
- Brush loading and blending
- How to create a proper value scale for each object
- Explanation of light source and eye level
- Glazing
- How to paint glass and theory behind it all
- How to create texture through the shine process
- Shadows

New Online Learning Workshop: Orange Still Life

Paint a serenely beautiful Peeled Orange Still Life from the very first brush strokes through the finishing touches.  You’ll also be able to download in PDF form, a lesson packet that includes:

- written instructions
- placement guides
- color swatches
- photo of the piece
- full color step-by-step of the water drop lesson
- conversion list for either Winsor & Newton or Archival Oil

Purchase online

Pink Rose

Sign up and pay online and receive a 25 minute video lesson, for Genesis or Oils and a pdf file that includes a full lesson (line drawing, instructions, photos and color swatches)

Other lessons will be available once a month at $14.95.

After payment is received you will receive an email with your login and password. Access to the online class is for 30 days after you register.


What a great online lesson - I have watched it several times. This is a great idea. I know that you will do well with this. I will share your site with my friends, and I know the word will spread.  Arlene, Stockton, CA

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Free Lesson: Giclee class with photos [available only to newsletter subscribers]

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