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Ruth Bares - Louisiana Pelican
Ruth Bares - Louisiana Pelican

"Louisiana Pelican" An Original Oil Painting, designed by Ruth Bares/ Ruth's Art Studio, Lafayette, Louisiana. View my work at Details..I am a Kingslan Accredited Teacher. I am very lucky to have found Mary and Miss Ann. I painted here and there for a few years never learning any rules, only bad habits. I saw a lot of my friends loose interest because no one took the time to teach them any Art theory. I knew this was not a god given gift, I knew there had to be rules! When I decided to teach, I took the Kingslan Course, I felt that I need to be tested, it was the best thing I ever did. I am now able to help people understand the basics theory they must know to produce a quality painting. I have also learned to adapt the value scale to any subject I paint, therefore making it very easy for people to understand and reproduce. My preferred medium is Oil. All the compositions we paint are my design. I use value scales to paint, floral's, feathers, animals, landscape/seascape and still life. Check out my work at Thanks again to Miss Ann and Mary for caring enough to share their knowledge! Ruth

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