Correspondence Courses — Information

All Correspondence Courses are now available in English/Genesis, English/Traditional Oils or Spanish/Traditional Oils.

Which seminars are available through correspondence?

At the present time, the Decorative Art Levels I, II and III and the Dutch Old Master Series are currently available as correspondence courses. Others may be added in the future. The Decorative Art courses may be taken out of order but this is not advised.

Level I will teach the student how to teach the Kingslan Method. The primary, secondary and tertiary colours are explored. The basic shapes of sphere (apple), cylinder (pail) and cube (melon) are also explored.



A more complicated still life (pan and plums) teaches composition, shadow work, and ellipses.

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Level II
explores fruit, flowers and leaves.

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Level III
explores advanced shines through the Copper and Brass piece, advanced flowers are explored in the Jonquil tissue box. Glass and glass theory are taught in the Violets and Glass piece.

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The Dutch Old Master series helps the advanced student work through a complicated still life while utilizing the techniques and theory of the Dutch Old Masters.

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Is there a time limit on when the course must be completed?

There is no time limit.

How is the student evaluated?

The student receives manuals, photos and colour match swatches. The student paints the study pieces to the best of his or her ability. Then pieces are mailed back and are then carefully evaluated by Ann and Mary. A complete written critique is sent to the student. If necessary, the student adjusts the pieces and then sends them back to Ann and Mary. A final evaluation is completed and the pieces are returned to the student.

What are the benefits on these courses?

Upon completion of the courses, you will be a knowledgeable, fully Accredited Ann Kingslan Instructor. This entitles you to additional discounts on wholesale orders, completion certificates, newsletters, and recommendation of your teaching services.

What is the cost of each course?

The cost of each Decorative Art course is $275 and the Dutch Old Master Series is $200 (US Dollars). The student pays the shipping to Ann and Mary. Ann and Mary pay the shipping back to the student in the United States. Due to the high cost of shipping to overseas, the cost of the course is $375 for the Decorative Art Series and $300 for the Dutch Old Master series.

What is the cost of the wood surfaces?

The wood surfaces are approximately $60-$80 (plus shipping) per course and will be delivered directly to the student. The student may order this wood from Kingslan & Gibilisco Seminars or may provide their own wood.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the seminar registration form and mail it, fax or e-mail to Kingslan & Gibilisco Seminars with the proper fees. You may also sign up in the shopping cart....

Each correspondence course registration must be accompanied by the full course fee. Make check payable to Kingslan & Gibilisco Seminars. All credit cards accepted via the shopping cart or phone..

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