Meet Ann Kingslan Ann Kingslan & Mary Gibilisco

Ann Kingslan, MDA developed and refined the VALUE scale system of mixing of color and application. She is an active member of the Society of Decorative Painters since 1972. She was certified as a Master Decorative Artist in 1976. Ann has served as President and Recording Secretary of the National Society and has worked on the committees of Teachers, Judges and Nominating. She was awarded the Silver Palette Award in 1986 for her outstanding contributions to the National Society. In 1998 she was awarded the President's Commendation Award by Anne Emerson. Ann has taught decorative painting continuously since 1969, authored several art theory publications, magazine articles, lesson plans, videos, teaching programs, and developed her own line of signature brushes. Ann has three children (Rick, Jr. and Kathleen)  and 7 grandchildren.

Meet Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA, BFA

Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA, BFA has had a lifelong interest in art. She began studying art formally in 1979 at the University of Nebraska and in 1984 graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Fine Art and a minor in Art History. After several years in the fine art world, Mary turned her full attention to decorative art in 1986. In 1989 she received her Certified Decorative Artist distinction from the Society of Decorative Painters. Mary has served three years on the SDP Teacher's committee with two years as the chair. She was elected to the SDP Nominating Committee in 2005.  In 1998, Mary worked on Nebraska's Governor's Mansion restoration project supplying four original paintings that are now a part of the permanent collection of the mansion. Mary teaches in her Omaha, Nebraska studio as well as across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Mary is married to John Gibilisco, a theatrical designer.
Together with her mother, famed decorative artist Ann Kingslan, they published their first collaborative book, Focus on Trompe L'oeil in 1996. Other books include Right from the Start (1997), Focus on Realistic Glass (1998), Focus on Roses (2000) and Focus on Colour (2003). Ann and Mary also write a column for PaintWorks magazine titled Right from the Start. Both Ann and Mary participated in the 2004 Decorative Arts Collection Rose Book released at the 2004 Society of Decorative Painter's Conference. Together they publish a free online newsletter available through the Kingslan & Gibilisco Decorative Art web site.
Painting and teaching philosophy: Ann and Mary believe that anyone can learn to create art - the only requirement is a desire to increase knowledge and painting skills. Their teaching method is patterned after the Old World Art Academies. The student learns the academic principles and techniques by duplicating the work of the Teacher/Master. Studies or projects are formulated to stress a particular area of study and all teaching and painting is directed toward that end. The teaching team has taught thousands of students over the past 18 years many of whom have become accomplished artists, MDAs, CDAs and graduates of university of art departments.

December 2019, from the College of Education and Human Sciences, Mary earned a master of science degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in youth development and nonprofit management.